“Be Brave, Take Risks. Nothing Can Substitute Experience”

DAWN #01- Project Of Belief

Away from the chaos of human madness, where you are no more than a replaceable component of an endless system. We will take a selected few to an unimaginable journey of exhilarating adventure.

Terms & Conditions of DAWN #01 Project Of Belief

Do’s. There are no Don’ts

  • Complete your Registration on https://planettrotter.in/log-in-or-sign-up/. “Get your Username” – Fill out the complete form and send it via mail to [email protected] or WhatsApp to +91-9205720800. Leaving questions blank won’t work in your favour. We promise.
  • Above form will only be considered once a payment of INR 499.00 is made after registration. No refunds after payments is possible, even in case your name doesn’t reflects in final list of selected candidates to join Planet Trotter-DAWN.
  • Payment done by candidate who are not selected will be used in Benevolence. Refer the link- https://planettrotter.in/benevolence/
  • Please ensure that your phone numbers and username are written clearly.
  • Express your views freely in English/Hindi or both. Please be yourself.
  • If you get selected, please make yourself available from May 2019 to June 2019.
  • You are responsible for your actions, your belongings and your future.